Reduce Paperwork

Streamline the booking process with our standardized contracts. No more hassle handling small booking requests

Earn extra revenue

Find a new sales channel with ShareHouse, this allows you to use your capacity more effectively

Have Control

You always have the final decision with every order coming in. Manage several warehouses and different types of space

The individual service of ShareHouse, from which we could already profit in the past, is to be particularly emphasized. The experienced team passes on qualified customer enquiries and supports both sides in the process with pleasure and competence. A win-win situation
– Jacob Chmieletzki
Project Management / Sales, GOEPGA logistics GmbH
With ShareHouse, we have found a way to make our customer acquisition more efficient and significantly easier. With our warehouse and service offerings on the ShareHouse platform, we reach a large number of potential customers and can thus better concentrate on our core business.
– Thomas Hofmann
Director Property & Real Estate, Syncreon Deutschland GmbH
Our free storage capacities have already been successfully brokered several times via ShareHouse. With the help of the platform, we can not only target new customers, but also benefit from the many years of experience and professional support of the ShareHouse team.
– Sven Hilgenberg
Managing Director, Brückner Logistik GmbH
Bruckner logistics

Frequently asked Questions

  • The offering is free of charge. If a transaction is concluded, we will charge a commission fee of 10% of the contract value. If the customer wants to prolong storage at the end of the agreed term, the prolongation does not generate an additional commission fee for the provider.

  • The provider will only be liable to pay a fee when a contract with a tenant has been concluded over the ShareHouse platform. You will receive our invoice when you close a contract with the customer. The terms of payment are laid down in the invoice.

  • Under the link, you can reach our registration form for the providers. Just enter your data and send it to us. We will then confirm your registration by email.

  • We regularly send you interesting inquiries for which you can submit a binding offer. The customer informs us of the offer he has chosen. This is the contract between you and the customer.


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