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We have broken down the most important questions to help you understand ShareHouse much better. We aim to be the biggest marketplace of storage space in Germany and help digitalize the warehousing industry. Feel free to connect with us via chat or directly by phone in case there is a question that was not answered below.

  • ShareHouse is a digital marketplace for storage space. ShareHouse offers all business customers a quick and easy way to offer and/or find storage space. ShareHouse enables providers of storage space to offer capacity throughout Germany. Demanders of storage space can then find suitable offers.

  • Sharehouse is aimed at companies and should not be used by private consumers.

  • You can easily reach us via the chat function on the website. Alternatively, you can also send us an email (support@sharehouse.eu), or just give us a call. You can find the contact details here below:
    ShareHouse GmbH & Co. KG
    WeWork Sony Center
    Kemperplatz 1
    10785 Berlin
    Telephone number: +49 (0)203 3188 9000

  • Register here to become part of the ShareHouse Community and offer/ book storage space. After registering you will receive a link via e-mail, which you must confirm in order to unlock your account.

  • To maintain your profile on ShareHouse, you must first create an account. Please login afterwards here with your access data on our platform to gain access to your profile.
    Complete your profile by updating your contact and company data and upload a profile picture, as well as a logo of your company. Please pay attention to the completeness of the profile, so that we can present you optimally.

Offer Storage Space

ShareHouse is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized warehouse operators throughout Germany. As a warehouse operator, you can set and manage your free capacities on our platform with just a few clicks. On the tenant side, our community consists of commercial producers and traders who need buffer storage for their goods. Our marketplace offers you as a warehouse provider the chance to better utilize your space.

In the future, we will expand our digital marketplace for storage space with many more services that promise you as a warehouse operator with more added value. These include, for example, the virtual management of storage space capacities with a warehouse management system (WMS) or the provision of key figures such as capacity utilization, picks or current sales.

  • The offering is free of charge. If a transaction is concluded, we will charge a commission fee of 10% of the contract value. If the customer wants to prolong storage at the end of the agreed term, the prolongation does not generate an additional commission fee for the provider.

  • The provider will only be liable to pay a fee when a contract with a tenant has been concluded over the ShareHouse platform. You will receive our invoice when you close a contract with the customer. The terms of payment are laid down in the invoice.

  • Under the link www.sharehouse.eu/users/sign_up, you can reach our registration form for the providers. Just enter your data and send it to us. We will then confirm your registration by email.

  • We regularly send you interesting inquiries for which you can submit a binding offer. The customer informs us of the offer he has chosen. This is the contract between you and the customer.

  • Delivery and collection must be organized independently by the tenant. The provider is obliged to accept the goods at the agreed start date and to make them available again at the end date.

  • If you are interested in updating your storage spaces via API, please get in touch with us here.

  • Please log in with your access data here on our platform and click in the menu under the profile on "Warehouse Management" to set up a new warehouse or to edit existing warehouses.
    Then click on "Add new warehouse". Here you can enter the details of your warehouse and save it afterward.
    Complete the details and characteristics of your warehouse (eg storage type, certifications, equipment, connections and other services), indicate operating hours and add photos. You can take the address data directly from your profile if it's the same as your warehouse address.
    Please make sure to complete all mandatory fields so that the warehouse can be stored. When you finish inputting data, save your warehouse. Of course, you can always change the data in your account at any time.

  • By creating a warehouse on ShareHouse, you've already taken the biggest step to offer storage space on ShareHouse.
    To be found on ShareHouse, you must also create storage spaces in your warehouse so that potential customers know what and how much they can store with you.
    Log into ShareHouse with your access data, go to Warehouse Management. There you will find an overview of all your created warehouses. Here you can add new storage spaces and edit existing ones.

  • Log in with your access data here on ShareHouse, go to warehouse management and search the warehouse in which you want to create storage space. Click on "Add new storage space" to create a storage space. You will then be redirected to a new page where you can provide information about your storage space. Fill in your storage space and save it to be found on ShareHouse. Of course, you can always change the data in your account at any time.

Rent Storage Space

ShareHouse is directed exclusively at companies and traders and should not be used by private consumers. The target groups are producers and dealers all over Germany who need a fast logistics solution to bridge storage bottlenecks. On ShareHouse you will find a wealth of small and medium-sized warehouse providers who offer their capacities for rent via our marketplace.

The use of ShareHouse is 100 percent free for all customers. To make a booking, you must be registered with ShareHouse. Storage space is booked directly via our marketplace. The financial settlement then takes place directly between the tenant and the provider.

  • No, there is no minimum rental period. The rental period can be flexibly requested.

  • The use of ShareHouse is free of charge for you as a tenant. The costs for the brokerage are carried entirely by the storage space provider. The provider pays 10 percent of the total amount to ShareHouse for each booking. You as a tenant are not included in the settlement of this sum, it takes place directly between ShareHouse and the warehouse provider.

    For the storage of your goods, you will receive an invoice directly from the storage provider. It only includes your costs for renting the storage space. You can find the exact composition of these costs in the provider's offer, as it is displayed in the search. The sum is calculated from the number of pallets and the duration of storage.

  • Cancellation of the search request is possible free of charge at any time until the contract is concluded. Just send us an email to support@sharehouse.eu. We will then inform the warehouse provider. After the conclusion of the contract, cancellation is only possible in accordance with the Allgemeinen Deutschen Spediteurbedingungen 2017 (ADSp 2017).

  • Please retrieve your goods directly from the warehouse provider. Shortly, however, the option will also be possible directly via ShareHouse.

  • To create an account as a business customer, you must first create an account under "Login" (top right on the page). You have to register with your e-mail and a password.

    We will then send you a security check link to complete your registration. Once you have clicked on it, you can log on to our platform with your access data. Under this link you can create your individual profile for free as a registered user: www.sharehouse.eu/users/signup.

    Your profile is an only for you accessible area within our community. Here you can manage your data and view all orders you have booked through ShareHouse. You also have the option of creating a list of warehouses that are of particular interest to you under "My Favorites".

    If you have any questions or need help with registration, simply contact us via chat, email or phone. (support@sharehouse.eu) or call us at the following number: +49 (0)203 3188 9000.

  • After submitting your search query, we will find the right offers for you. These will be sent to you by email. You can tell us your choice directly by email. This is the contract between you and the provider.

  • The stored goods are transported in professional warehouses with so-called forklift trucks or forklifts and stored in special systems. Therefore, your goods should be packed firmly on a standard load carrier. At the moment we arrange storage space for the following load carriers via ShareHouse:

    • Euro pallet: The most common load carrier in Europe. This flat pallet is made of wood and has a standard size of 120 cm length, 80 cm width and 14.4 cm height. Its own weight is about 20 to 23 kg. An undamaged Euro pallet can be loaded with a maximum of 1,500 kg with even weight distribution.
    • Euro cage box: It consists of a steel-framed mesh with an internal loading capacity of 120 cm long, 80 cm wide and 80 cm high. Its empty weight is between 70 and 85 kg. It has a load capacity of 1,000 to 1,500 kg. Euro pallet boxes are stackable, a Euro pallet can be placed on top.
    • Box pallet: In contrast to the mesh box, it is made of plastic, has the same outer dimensions as a Euro pallet and is almost 80 cm high. The loading capacity is about 500 kg.
    • Lattice pallet: In addition to the standardised Euro lattice box, there are also lattice boxes for bulky goods that have different dimensions.
    • Flat steel pallet: Unlike the Euro pallet made of wood, it can be used for even heavier loads, as it offers better stability.
    If you would like to use different load carriers, please send us an email: support@sharehouse.eu
  • You have already registered on ShareHouse, are logged in with your account and have found a suitable storage location via the search? Very good! Then it only takes a few clicks to book your storage space.

    Next, to each offer that is displayed for your search, there is a button that says "More details". If you click on it, you will get to the detailed view, where you will find even more information about the offered storage space: The most important information is at the top of the page. There the offer you selected will be listed again with regard to the services and total costs. Below you will find additional information about the warehouse.

    When you are satisfied with your selection, click on "Continue to booking". On this page, you will find a detailed breakdown of the costs and all other details of your booking. Now all you have to do is enter your data: First name, surname, telephone and billing address. Now you can book your storage space "Payable"! You will then receive confirmation of your booking within a maximum of 24 hours. Invoicing is done directly with the supplier of the storage space.

    If you don't find a suitable storage space, simply use the contact form at the bottom of the search results page. We will then gladly continue searching for you!

  • On ShareHouse you will find mainly small and medium-sized providers of storage space, which have different types of warehouses and warehouses. If you are looking for a specific warehouse for the storage of your goods, you can limit the search under "Refine" by "Storage type". The following types of storage space are available throughout Germany:

    • Fully automated warehouse: Here the goods are picked via a semi or fully automated system. The stored goods are requested via software input and brought from the rack system to the user via an automated transport system (goods-to-man principle).
    • Cold storage: Your goods are stored at a certain temperature in a cold storage. Cold stores are not only suitable for food, but also for certain hazardous substances. Each cold store can be tempered within a certain range. The exact specifications can be found in the description of the respective provider.
    • Guarded warehouse: Here the area is protected 24/7 by a security system.
    • Lock storage: Access to the warehouse is only permitted to a certain group of persons and is secured by security and identification procedures.
    • Outer bearing open: Areas on the premises of a storage provider that are not located in a warehouse.
    • Covered outdoor storage areas: areas on a storage provider's premises that are not located in a hall but are covered.
    • Shelf storage: A flexible shelving system in a warehouse consisting of a frame with shelves. It can be adapted to the respective needs of the stored goods.
    • Shelf storage: This includes all warehouses that have shelving systems for the storage of goods.
  • Most modern warehouses consist of a shelving system. It has the advantage that the goods are stored here in a space-saving, clean, clear and - depending on the intended use - always "within reach". The systems are usually made of solid steel and have a very high load-bearing capacity.

    So-called drive-in and drive-through racks are the most common. They are designed in such a way that the goods can be stored and removed on a load carrier (e.g. a Euro pallet) with industrial trucks (e.g. a forklift). This type of storage is particularly interesting for articles that do not rotate quickly and are stored in large quantities.

    Goods that are not packed on pallets can often best be stored on shelving racks. These are flexible shelving systems, the division of which can be adapted to the size of the stored goods. They are particularly suitable for picking small parts.

    When storing goods, a distinction is made between drive-in and continuous racking: In drive-in racks, the goods last stored are always the first to be removed from storage in accordance with the LIFO principle ("last in first out"). Flow racks, on the other hand, function according to the FIFO principle ("first in first out"). They are designed in such a way that the goods are loaded on one side and removed from storage on the other. This ensures that the oldest stored goods are always removed first.

    In addition, there are various special racks such as cantilever racks (for long bulky goods such as pipes or poles), circulating racks and carousel racks (for storing small parts) or mobile racks for a particularly economical use of space.
  • So that you always have a complete overview of the costs when booking, each offer of a provider is precisely broken down. You can find this information in the results of your ShareHouse search under the heading "Available storage space in this warehouse". The costs for:

    • Storage and retrieval: A fee is charged for each load carrier for storage and retrieval. It is calculated once per load carrier (e.g. Euro pallet). Their level varies from provider to provider.
    • Storage costs: The second item in the warehouse rental is the cost of storing your goods per day. They are also dependent on the provider. They are displayed in the overview per day and for one load carrier.
    • The total costs include the storage and retrieval fee and the storage costs per day for the number of load carriers selected by you in the search mask.
    The totals specified are always net amounts. Before the booking is completed, all costs incurred are clearly listed once again. These are all costs for you! You will receive the invoice directly from the warehouse provider. You can arrange a possible extension of the warehouse rental directly with the provider.
  • You can get a first impression of what our community has to offer by searching on our homepage. To rent a camp site, you must be logged in with your account.

    On our homepage or by clicking on "Search storage space" (at the top of this page) you can start your search query immediately. At first, you only need to specify the location you are looking for as well as the number and type of load carriers. With a click on the button "Search" you will now see a list of results.

    Above this list, you will find a detailed search field with which you can further modify the results according to your wishes. In addition to location, number and load carriers are now also available for selection:

    • Period: Click on the calendar symbol to open a monthly calendar for a clear selection of the respective date. If you can leave more room for maneuver with the dates for storage and retrieval under "Flexibility", you may receive more search results.
    • Place: Here you can enter the radius of the search in kilometers.
    • Refine: You can use the small arrow to the right of the word to expand the six sub-items "Storage types", "Certifications", "Equipment", "Transportation", "Conveyors" and "Services". By clicking on the boxes you activate and deactivate the respective additional features.
    Once you have found a suitable storage location, you can view it in detail by clicking on the search result. From here you can go directly to the booking with another click.

    Didn't the search show a suitable result for you? Then contact us directly. All you have to do is fill in the form below the search results and send it off. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Security / Data Protection Policy

Your goods are stored exclusively by professional warehouse providers in separate areas. In addition, you have the option of selecting further security criteria when searching for a suitable warehouse. For example, many warehouses have an increased standard of security in that they are not only monitored by a camera but also by a security service ("guarded warehouse").

For very valuable goods, you can also make sure that they are stored in a "locked storage". Access is only permitted to a certain group of people and is monitored around the clock by strict security and identification procedures.

  • Responsible handling of your data is very important to us. We assure you that we will only use the data for the designated purpose within the scope of our data protection conditions and our general terms and conditions.

  • This can be different for each forwarding agent. Additional insurance is available for valuable goods.


We treat the legal aspect of our business seriously and have consulted with our lawyers regarding the best way to bring ShareHouse's services to you.

The terms and conditions, revocation and disclaimer can be found here.